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Lasser Produce is a family-owned business since 1988. We have grown from a small orchard in Cawston, to one of the largest suppliers of stone fruit in Canada.

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We have been operating in Keremeos, BC since 1988; followed by purchasing our very own first orchard in Cawston, BC in 1989. We are vertically integrated, which allows us to provide the freshest fruit available that is locally grown and picked only a few days before it hits your fruit bowl. Our hot summer days and cool nights are the perfect climate for growing the sweetest fruit around.

The South Okanagan is known for being one of the most fertile growing regions in the world. Not only are there vineyards, but also stone fruits and apples. The land is rich with minerals, water is plentiful, and the sun exposure is long - making this a prime location for growing fruit. This has allowed us to become one of the largest suppliers of stone fruits in Western Canada.


We offer a wide variety of apples, from the classic Red Delicious to the more exotic Honeycrisp. Our specialty are Pink Lady Apples, which are harvested in November and can only be grown in the South Okanagan due to the late harvest date. This has created a unique niche market for us, and enables shipping from November 1st all the way to April 15th. To keep up with demand, we've started planting new strains of varieties such as Ruby Red Mac apples, Royal Red Honeycrisp apples, Rising Star peaches and Blazing Star peaches. 

Our 40,000 sqft facility in BC was completed in 2018. Furthermore, we bring in top of the line packing equipment from the Netherlands that boasts cutting edge technology. We currently supply retailers in Canada, clients in Southeast Asia, as well as two retail farmers markets on site. Our fundamental focus is to grow and pack the highest quality fruits that BC has to offer. 

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